BIMReL Project

BIMReL is a digital system for managing information throughout the entire life cycle of a building, based on information and technology needs.

To implement such tool, Politecnico di Milano, One Team S.r.l and TraceParts S.r.l. have carried out research and development activities aimed to:

  • create an open-source interoperable database of products and components for buildings, based on the technical sheets linked to BIM objects, according to the most recent developments of Italian and international regulations;
  • develop a web platform in the cloud that can be used by many users (citizens, private clients, public administrations, designers, manufacturing companies, construction companies and trade associations), which allows a user-friendly but exhaustive consultation of all the information on the bank data;
  • ¬†promote Lombardy and national manufacturing companies through the visibility of products at an international level and with detailed specifications suitable for enhancing the quality of products;
  • popularize and validate the platform with the collaboration of some of the main stakeholders interested in its operation and with some of the main category associations of materials and components manufacturers.